The Peddler has long been recognized as “The place for steak.” Our beef is specially selected heavy western beef. Precise aging adds the proper tenderness and texture. Only natural seasonings are used. All of the Peddler’s steaks are cooked over a glowing Tennessee hickory charcoal. Great Beef, all natural seasonings, exact aging, and real charcoal smoke is why The Peddler is “The Steak Place.”
The idea for the Peddler Steak House began at a motel in Sanford, N.C., where the owner charcoaled steaks for his family on a patio adjacent to the lobby. At first, visiting salesmen asked if the could buy steaks and use the grill, but as the requests increased, the owner cooked the steaks, serving them with a salad.
Eventually the refinement of his concept developed into the Peddler Steak House in Southern Pines, N.C. The operation was changed to serve Ribeye steaks, cut to the individual’s order, with a make-it-yourself salad bar. A unique idea at first, our magnificent array of over 40 garden fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and toppings, is a memorable experience. While often imitated, we’ve never been duplicated.
More than three decades later, there are independent operations in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.
You will still find warm, friendly faces of “The Peddler Families” affording you the finest aged beef available, complemented by our gourmet salad bar.
We hope that you will enjoy becoming a member of our Peddler Family.